Chirper : Violaceous Turaco

The Violet Turaco (Musophaga violacea) is a large turaco, a group of African near-passerines. It is a resident breeder in the forests of tropical west Africa. It lays two eggs in a tree platform nest.

The iridescent purple plumage of the Violaceous Turaco makes them a stunning bird. They have a large orange beak with the upper mandible extending beyond the base over the front of the head, this part is yellow. They have an orange bare eye ring and a white stripe under the eye. The top of their red is red and does not form a crest as in other turacos. When in flight their red wings feathers can be seen. Turacos are often nervous and active birds that need a large amount of space that has lots of hiding spots.

Violaceous Turaco
(Musophaga violacea)
Size : 47-50cm in length
Pet Status : Moderate
Talking Ability : Low
Noise Level : Moderate
Lifespan : 20 years
Breeding Ability : Very Good, Spring breeders
Number of Eggs : 4-5 eggs
Incubation : 26-28 days
Compatibility with other species: Not Recommended
Feeding : Seed and Fruit Eaters
Sexing : Surgical or DNA sexing is required.