Chirper : Conures

The Conure, a small member of the parrot family, is one of the most colorful of the conures. Their nice personalities and their gorgeous coloring make them a favorite pet. Always playful and full of antics! They can be noisy, but are loved for their beauty and good dispositions there are a variety of conures, and most make excellent pets. They vary in coloring and size, the Nanday Conure, for example, is a larger conure with a black head and green body. For a smaller bird and a great pet, a conure is a great choice.

Originating from South and Central America, the conure has over 30 different species in the wild. These friendly birds have a cheeky and boisterous nature and make for a very entertaining pet. Although conures make delightful house pets, prospective owners should be aware of their loud and high pitched voice. Some conures are particularly good escapists and special training is required to set boundaries of acceptable behaviour and promote wanted activities. Conures are extremely intelligent and easy to train. They enjoy learning new tricks and can be very entertaining. They love to dance and can also be taught to go the toilet with a simple command such as "toilet".

Of the conure species, the Sun Conure Aratinga solstitialis is the most desirable because of its particularly friendly and cheeky nature. It has bright yellow plumage, tinged with orange and green. In the wild, Sun Conure flocks frequent the savannahs of southern Surinam. This flock-type social structure makes the Sun Conure a particularly animated bird that communicates through actions rather than words. Sun Conures do however have a high pitched squawk and can be very noisy pets. Continuing obedience training is necessary to prevent this from becoming a problem

The Jandaya conure is more introverted than the Sun Conure and is a pleasant, loving bird. In the wild they are usually seen in pairs or small flocks frequenting primary rainforest. They form strong bonds with their owner and make very good pets. Jandaya conures are not typically good talkers but love to dance and listen to music.

Other popular conure species include the Blue crowned (one of the quieter species), Dusky, and Nanday.

(Aratinga solstitialis)
Size : 30 cm in length
Pet Status : Excellent
Talking Ability : Moderate
Noise Level : High(Loud, high pitched voice)
Lifespan : 15-20 years
Breeding Ability : Good
Number of Eggs : 3 eggs
Incubation : 24-28 days
Compatibility with other species: Excellent
Feeding : Seed and Fruit Eaters
Sexing : Surgical or DNA sexing is required.