Chirper : Budgerigar

Budgies (budgerigars) are an extremely popular pet bird, and for good reason. These small parrots make delightful pets, and are usually friendly and easy to tame. While they can sometimes be difficult to understand, they are quite capable of mimicking speech.

Budgies are sometimes also called parakeets (specifically shell parakeets) as they are members of the parakeet family. There are also two types of budgies - the American budgie or parakeet, and the English budgie. The American variety is the one most commonly found in pet stores, while type often seen in exhibitions and shows is the English budgie. English budgies are larger and have a different appearance than American budgies, but all budgies belong to the same species, Melopsittacus undulatus.

(Melopsittacus Undulatus)
Size : 15 cm - 20 cm
Pet Status : Excellent
Talking Ability : Good
Noise Level : Moderate to high
Lifespan : 10-15 years (up to 20)
Breeding Ability : Excellent
Number of Eggs : 4-6 eggs
Incubation : 18 days
Compatibility with other species: Good
Feeding : Seed and Fruit Eaters
Sexing : When birds are at a mature age they are sexually dimorphic, meaning that both sexes can be determined by a visual glance.