Chirper : Black Capped Lory

The Black Capped Lory is a medium sized stocky bird with a short, slightly rounded tail. In the wild they are seen in small groups of up to ten but most frequently live as single pairs. In their native habitat, the have an excellent food supply from dense rainforest. These birds typically form very strong bonds with there owners, a characteristic consistent with their wild habits of bonding only to one or two other birds. The Black Capped Lory is playful and animated and makes an excellent pet for those willing to provide significant and meaningful attention.

The Black Capped Lory can be very noisy and requires ongoing obedience training to prevent this from becoming an issue. These stunning birds are highly priced and have a demanding nature, making them suitable only for those with experience in the care and training of companion birds.

Black Capped Lory
(Lorius lory)
Size : 31 cm in length
Pet Status : Excellent
Talking Ability : Excellent
Noise Level : Extremely High
Lifespan : 15 – 20 years
Breeding Ability : Good
Number of Eggs : 1-2 eggs
Incubation : 24 days
Compatibility with other species: Very Good
Feeding : Nectar / Wet mix / Dry mix
Sexing : Surgical or DNA sexing required.