Chirper : Amazons

The Amazon is a loving and sociable parrot originating from South America. The affectionate and loyal nature of the Amazon make this bird a wonderful pet for those experienced with companion parrots. Amazons are highly intelligent and require a devoted owner who is willing to provide significant and meaningful attention, as well as stimulus such as chewing toys to keep them happy and healthy. Hand reared male birds from aviary bred parents make the best pets. Amazons are generally easily trained and have an excellent talking ability. If not provided with the necessary training and socialization, the Amazon can become aggressive and susceptible to other behavioral problems.

Amazon parrots comprise many parrots that range in size from the small spectacled (white-fronted) amazon to the quite sizable double yellow-headed and mealy amazons. Generally, the best talkers are double yellow heads, yellow napes, and blue fronts. Many of these birds can also become proficient singers. They are not shy and will often perform for strangers. Because of these characteristics, these parrots are often selected as performers in bird shows, Amazons should be showered regularly for feather and skin health. At least 10 hours of dark, quiet sleep time each night. Amazons that do not get enough sleep can be very grouchy and aggressive.

Size : Up to 40 cm
Pet Status : Very Good
Talking Ability : Excellent
Noise Level : Very High
Lifespan : Up to 60 years
Breeding Ability : Very Good
Number of Eggs : 2-4 eggs
Incubation : 29 days
Compatibility with other species : Mix well with other parrots, especially Conures.
Feeding : Seed and Fruit Eaters
Sexing : Surgical or DNA sexing is required.