Chirper : African Grey

Originating from central Africa, the African Grey is a highly intelligent parrot and requires a committed and patient owner. Alongside the Eclectus, these birds are one of the most intelligent parrot species and possess the ability to develop a large vocabulary and communicate efficiently with their owner. Due to their highly intelligent nature, the African Grey can become easily bored and inactivity may quickly lead to behavioral problems such as feather picking. African Greys that are bored have a tendency to chews things and consistent training and a diligent owner are a must for this vivacious bird. These intelligent birds are best suited to people who have experience with pet birds and are familiar with their ongoing care requirements.

African Grey is an amazing bird which hails from the wilds of Africa. Revered for their beauty, personality and intelligence, African greys have come to be a popular addition to any family that wishes to co-exist with them. There are two popular subspecies of African greys, the Congo and the timneh. Timneh greys are smaller than Congo’s and do not have the vibrant red-tail color of the Congo. Timneh are also much less expensive then Congo’s, but still make fine companions.

African Grey
Size : Up to 45cm
Pet Status : Excellent
Talking Ability : Excellent
Noise Level : High
Lifespan : 40-60 years
Breeding Ability : Good
Number of Eggs : 2-4 eggs
Incubation : 21-30 days
Compatibility with other species : Good with other equally intelligent birds (ie. Eclectus)
Feeding : Seed and Fruit Eaters
Sexing : Cock is often larger than the hen. Surgical or DNA sexing is required. Females are generally larger than males.